Richmond Church Hill

Church Hill of Richmond, VA

Church Hill is one of Virginia’s few remaining mixed-income neighborhoods. It is the oldest and most historic neighborhood in this epic city. Patrick Henry presented his famous “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!” speech at St. John’s Church.

This historic neighborhood is at the heart of Richmond, Virginia. Church Hill encompasses some of the city’s oldest but trendiest neighborhoods. They include Chimborazo, Fairmount, Union Hill, and Woodville. 

Church Hill in Richmond overlooks the city from one of the highest lofty perch in the city. The district draws its name from St. John’s Episcopal Church. The Church was built in 1742, by the founder of the city, William Byrd II.

Church Hill, Richmond, VA

It is claimed that Richmond was founded in 1737. William Byrd II stood on a site in Church Hill, looked down the James River, and remarked that it reminded him of Richmond Upon Thames, near London. 

The style of architecture at Church hill is the Greek revival, the area’s first after colonial. This style is visible in the design of row housing with columns. The Italianate and Queen Anne architecture styles add to the neighborhood appearance. 

Numerous notable figures in U.S. history are buried at the Church’s grave. Other unique things include:

  • Just behind the churchyard is the Elmira Shelton House, the home of Edgar Allan Poe’s childhood sweetheart.
  • Up the street is the birthplace of Maggie Walker, a groundbreaking African-American banker, and businesswoman. 

Many other historic sites are all over the district. 

Church Hill offers an array of architectural styles. This is due to residential construction projects between 1800 and about 1930. In many cases, the homes’ architecture has been preserved, even as structures have been adapted for modern living. Quite a several 19th and 20th-century buildings have been re-purposed as apartments. This includes schools and a church. 

Church Hill is the name used to describe both the specific St. John’s historic district and the general area of the East End.

Richmond’s airport is 15 minutes to the east by car. Many residents choose the area because of its walkability and ample parking.

Church Hill is home to small businesses, boutiques and, novelty items you never knew you needed. 

Church Hill, Richmond

Today, it is a vibrant, fast-growing part of the city, appealing to preservationists. It is also attractive to those who embrace urban living with plenty of green space and panoramic views.

Church Hill is a thriving area, it’s home to some unbelievable restaurants. You can experience purchasing things you never knew you could!