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List of our concrete services:

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is a wonderful choice for adding practical flair to your garden, patio, or driveway. Concrete lasts longer than asphalt, and it is also cheaper and requires very low maintenance. There is a large variety of shapes, colors, and setting patterns of concrete pavers you can choose from.

Concrete Repairs

We provide our customers with all types of concrete and masonry repairs. We use quick-setting cement, as the best repair material for reshaping or rebuilding chipped or broken edges of concrete structures, like steps, curbs, and slabs.

Concrete Slabs

Whether you’re doing new construction or you are expanding your home, you will need a thick concrete slab, supported on foundations or directly on the subsoil. A concrete slab is a crucial structural element and should be done only by professionals. 

Concrete Handicap Ramps

Building a concrete handicap ramp means investing in permanence and durability. These ramps require footings and stem walls, making them strong enough to support heavy equipment. Our ramps are made with a stiff mixture of concrete and are responsible for the dimensions, slope, and non-slip surface.

Decorative Concrete

Add charm to your home by using decorative concrete. Decorative concrete requires treating concrete in a variety of ways to increase its aesthetic appeal. We, at  Concrete Masters Richmond, offer our customers all types of patterns and textures, exposed aggregate concrete, hand-scored patterns, and more. Decorative Concrete is so durable, in fact, it doesn’t scratch or lose color.


We can remove your old driveway, add extensions to existing concrete driveways, or install a new driveway in no time. Concrete is a favorite material for driveways because it is strong, durable, and requires very low maintenance. We can do a natural grey concrete driveway, or we can use stamped concrete or concrete pavers.


With years of experience and the highest quality products, we pour foundations to last a lifetime. Whether you need to install a new foundation, or you need cracked slab foundation repairs,  Concrete Masters Richmond offers you quality work done only by professionals.

Garage Floors

Ensure a long-lasting garage floor by hiring only professionals that use the top-rated materials on the market. We have years of experience in the business, and can advise you on the type of concrete you need, and if any reinforcement is needed. 


If you need a new concrete patio, extending an existing patio, or need concrete repairs, Concrete Masters Richmond is your right choice. Because of its durability and low maintenance, concrete is the best decorative flooring surface in the country. We can make it a simple pad, or enhance it with stains and integrated colors.

Pool Decks

Whether you need your old deck resurfaced or if you’re installing a new pool, you are at the right place. Concrete pool decks can be either broom finished or stamped. This deck creates the look and style of your entire swimming area, which is why it should be stylish, well-constructed, and non-slip.


Concrete Masters Richmond is the best in the area for a simple straight path or numerous decorative alternatives including modern curves and textures. The options for making your concrete sidewalk unique are endless, from stamped patterns and concrete engraving to colored concrete and concrete staining.

Stamped Concrete

There is a huge variety of stamp patterns, colors, and techniques that give the concrete different feels. Stamped concrete can replicate stones, such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick, and even wood. It can be installed everywhere, from driveways and sidewalks to pool decks and patios. 


As part of our services, we also install and repair stairs. Concrete steps or terraced stairways are the most prominent feature of many homes and public buildings. We can also use decorative or stamped concrete, masonry inlays, craftsman lines, and more. We are the best concrete contractor Richmond VA has seen!

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