Forest Hill of Richmond VA

Forest Hill of Richmond

Forest Hill is a neighborhood located along the James River in Richmond, Virginia’s Southside region. The neighborhood is home to Forest Hill Park, one of the largest public parks in the city.

Forest Hill was part of William Byrd III’s sprawling estate until he died in the mid-1700s. The land changed hands over the years and was broken up into smaller and smaller increments. Smaller plantations eventually gave way to the smaller parcels and parks that urbanization brought with it. 

The neighborhood’s boundaries are the James River to the North, Forest Hill Park to the East, Semmes and Forest Hill Avenues to the south, and Westover Hills Boulevard to the West. The people of Richmond from all walks of life are free to explore.

This is a dream neighborhood for a lot of people. It has a world-class museum, beautiful Victorian homes, and a manageable commute that makes it a very enticing place to live. It’s very popular for families because of these amenities and the safety of the area.

Many of the properties available here are Victorian homes that have been kept intact, though you will find a lot of flats on some streets like Eliot Bank. 

Forest Hill of Richmond VA

Several art galleries have opened up. The Forest Hill neighborhood is also home to many amateur photographers due to its amazing view of the London skyline.

Plenty of amenities contributes to the easy lifestyle and family-friendly appeal of Forest Hill. There is a leisure center with two pools and swimming classes, a library, a butcher, salons, cafes, and among others.

Greenspaces such as Forest Hill Park add to the quality of life. Forest Hill serves as a safe haven for both people and wildlife from the bustle of urban life. 

The juxtaposition of historic buildings with several, more recent Modernist houses and the eclectic commercial spaces along Forest Hill Avenue has become part of the neighborhood’s charm.

Forest Hill has a little something for everyone. Outdoor recreation is a snap with Forest Hill Park, the James River, and hiking trails just blocks away. The park is also home to the South of the James Market, which has become a very popular Saturday morning destination. The restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers along Forest Hill Avenue are within walking distance of most of the neighborhood.

Forest Hill Park offers hiking trails, a rejuvenated lake, river access, picnic areas, tennis courts, and more. The park also hosts outdoor concerts, movie nights, and other events from time to time.