Hollywood Cemetery

Interesting facts about Hollywood Cemetery

A cemetery like no other, the Hollywood cemetery in Richmond is a sprawling site next to the James River. You may find it scary, but then the probability of finding a Celebrity in Los Angeles (LA) is at this cemetery.

The land played a starring role in early Hollywood’s growth as Paramount Studios took up residence on the back half. Back half of what was originally called Hollywood Cemetery. It has since become the cemetery of choice for hundreds of Hollywood’s brightest stars, studio heads, writers, and performers.

Can anyone go to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery?

The Hollywood Forever grounds are now closed to the public. Only property holders and their relatives are allowed to enter at this time.

Some Interesting facts about Hollywood Cemetery:

  • The first person buried in Hollywood was Frederick William Emrich. He died at the age of about eighteen months on June 30, 1849.
  • It is known as a garden cemetery, a landscape style that became popular in the 19th century. 
  • In 1998, brothers Tyler and Brent Cassity purchased the property and invested millions in renovations. They renamed the site Hollywood Forever.
  • Its name, “Hollywood,” came from the holly trees dotting the hills of the property.
  • Two US presidents rest there, James Monroe and John Tyler, and Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery island

The 1869 Monument of Confederate War Dead is a spectacular view found at the cemetery. It is a 90-foot pyramid constructed with large blocks of James River granite. The monument is a tribute to the more than 18,000 enlisted men from the Confederacy that are buried at the cemetery.

Other notable personalities resting here are Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Judy Garland, Cecil B. DeMille, and other stars who once worked at the adjacent Paramount Pictures Studios. 

You will be awed by the peaceful and serene environment. Hollywood Cemetery has an informative and friendly staff.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery entrance gate is on Santa Monica Boulevard in the center of Hollywood and you can visit as early as 8 am. Admission is free. 

As one of Richmond’s top tourist attractions, it has history, character, and legend. Ghost stories surrounding it are plenty. You will find numerous different tours offered. Do you need a quieter stroll? Plan and visit during off-peak and decide whether to take a walk or drive through the cemetery.

If you need a map, pass by the Chapel You will see a map that points out the highlights. An option can be to download a map from their website.