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List of our Masonry Services:

BBQ Island


We can build you a beautiful Barbecue Island. It can be installed with concrete, which can be colored with a smooth finish or textured and sealed. Having a custom-made BBQ Island in your own yard can give you the unique opportunity to have an outdoor kitchen in line with your needs.


Dumpster Enclosures


We can offer you dumpster enclosures and trash enclosures for residential and commercial properties. Using a dumpster enclosure for your trash area will hide the view of the dumpster while providing an aesthetically pleasing look on the outside.


Fire Pits


Concrete Masters Richmond offers two types of fire pits, embed it in the ground or raised above the surface. Choose a standard grey concrete or colored concrete, cinder blocks, split face blocks, keystone blocks, manor stones, natural stones, and more.


Interlocking Pavers


An interlocking concrete paver is an alternative to concrete, bricks, or a stone surface. Interlocking pavers can be installed in driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and steps.


Masonry Steps


Masonry steps are one of the most durable ways of building a beautiful set of steps that will last a lifetime. You have a lot of masonry materials to choose from like keystones, bricks, natural stones, flagstones, and interlocking pavers. Check out why we are the best concrete contractor Richmond VA has seen!


Retaining Walls


Retaining walls create a level surface in a sloped area. We can build you new ones or repair your old retaining walls, using different types of materials. The most common retaining wall materials are concrete blocks and come as standard grey units or can be colored.

Chimney Repair and Rebuilds

Masonry repairs to chimneys include: replacing individually shaled or spalling bricks; grinding out deficient mortar joints, and neatly re-tooling new mortar into the affected joints. Rebuilding chimneys involves removing the bricks below roof grade.

Masonry veneer walls

Masonry veneer walls consist of a single non-structural external layer of masonry, typically made of brick, stone or manufactured stone. Masonry veneer can have an air space behind it and is technically called “anchored veneer”. A masonry veneer attached directly to the backing is called “adhered veneer”.



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