Maymont Richmond

What is in Maymont?

Do you know how the name Maymont came about? Sallie May Dooley’s maiden name was merged with the French word for hill. Sallie and her husband James Henry, upon their death, left the 100-acre estate to the city.

The Romanesque-style mansion was completed in 1893. It is a public park in Richmond, Virginia (USA) superb for family and friends.

Maymont estate houses the Maymont mansion with French-style drawing rooms. 

The historic estate has a lot to offer. This 19th century preserved mansion will delight you and your family or friends. There is something for everyone!


The 33-room mansion is a museum bringing the 19th and early 20th centuries age into life. You will be amazed to find this is not the main attraction. What will attract you are the hills and trails on the 100-acre estate. You can take long walks and hold picnics.

Hundreds of animals, beautiful Japanese and Italian (just to name a few) gardens, and wildlife habitats, are found here. Bird watchers can view over 200 bird species. There are birds with permanent injuries which you can photograph at a close range. If you carry along children they may have the chance to feed friendly animals. 

The mansion has wide views in all directions. Your visit to the mansion will reveal Richmond’s lives during the gilded age (1870-1900), just before the great depression. In the basement, you will get to learn about the servants and their lives.

Indigenous wildlife habitats, gardens, arboretum, the mansion itself are areas to explore.

You can hold your events at the Maymont and create memories to carry with you forever.

The 100-acre grounds present you with spectacular views, gardens, waterfall, hills, and lots of exotic butterflies and birds. Experts mention the trees were well spaced allowing them to grow tall. You will appreciate the shade they provide and the well-groomed lawns.

The mansion has not changed much. The original artwork and furniture from over 100 years are still intact. Since taking over, Maymont Foundation has undertaken massive renovation and conservation. 

People from all walks of life are free to donate or give grants to Maymont. Your contribution goes a long way in sustaining Maymont. Due to crowded parking lots over the weekend, you can opt for a bus instead.

There is too much to see in Maymont Richmond, VA! This may sound like a negative thing, but it is a plus. You will be spoilt for choice!