Maymont Richmond


Maymont, as a name, resulted from the merging of Sallie May Dooley’s maiden name with the French word for hill. Sallie and her husband James Henry, upon their death, left the 100-acre estate to the city. 

The neighborhood was slow to develop, as Dooley resisted the city’s efforts to annex Maymont. “River View” didn’t see much growth until after the deaths of the principal landowners: Chaffin in 1905, James Dooley in 1922, and Sallie in 1925. The Dooleys willed the Maymont estate to the city

The Great Depression and World War II again stunted Maymont’s growth. This stunted growth made it burst forth with an assortment of multilevel brick houses for young, mostly African-American middle-class families, mixed in with a few older farm places and stylish Midcentury modern homes.

Maymont is a neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia with a population of 2,831. It is in Richmond City County. Most residents own their homes. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many young professionals living here and also residents tend to be liberal.

Maymont, now a preschool for Richmond Public Schools and Amelia Street School, serves students with cognitive and physical disabilities. 


Quiet Maymont in Richmond is an affluent residential area adjacent to the namesake Victorian estate, where a Gilded Age mansion is surrounded by elegant grounds. These include the Japanese Garden, with a path-lined pond, waterfalls, and bridges, and Maymont Nature Center. This is home to otters, alligators, and snapping turtles. Riverfront Park Texas Beach has tree-shaded sunbathing and swimming spots, plus access to walking trails. 

The streets in Maymont are well lit and are friendly. This place is safe and has walkable stores. Neighbors love it because of its diversity and peace. Its dog friendly has a beautiful river and family-friendly parks.

Maymont has a huge complex comprised of about 100 acres. One side is Byrd Park. There is another neighborhood on the opposite side of Maymont which is called Riverview. This neighborhood is safe as well.

This huge complex is the Maymont mansion with French-style drawing rooms. The 33-room mansion is a museum bringing the 19th and early 20th centuries age into life.

The historic estate has a lot to offer. This 19th century preserved mansion will delight you and your family or friends. 

Most Richmonders who know the neighborhood associate it with the James River Parks, the North Bank Trail, Texas Beach, and Maymont Park’s events. But for some, Maymont is their longtime home.