Poe Museum Richmond

Why Poe Museum is Popular?

The story behind Poe’s museum is about resilience. Edgar Allan Poe beat all odds to be the first Writer to live off writing. Considered to be the father of psychological horror stories, Edgar Poe published the famous poem ‘The Raven’. 

The museum was first established in 1906. At the time, it was known as the Poe Memorial Association. The founders were not able to raise enough funds to support it.  They regrouped ten years later to create the National Poe museum. 

The museum is in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, the United States. Established in 1922, the museum received a boost through the construction of three more buildings. This National Historic landmark is in a good condition.

The founding fathers of the museum consolidated everything that could shed light on the author’s life. Letters, manuscripts, his socks are some of the things exhibited in the museum.

The site’s ambiance is something to yearn for. The museum is a right match for people interested in everything to do with Edgar Allan Poe. Exhibits present in the museum show Edgar Allan’s Poe life and death. You can find his writing desk, a telescope, and among other things well preserved.

Poe Museum Richmond Virginia

Poe had several homes near the Poe museum. His mother, who died of tuberculosis when he was young, was buried near the site.

Edgar’s doctor termed his cause of death as “phrenitis” (inflammation of the brain) when he passed on in 1849. This was a common diagnosis when the true cause of death was unknown. Because of the mystery surrounding his death, and the persona of Poe, there are a lot of speculations about the true nature of his death. Approximately 26 possible theories have been published on his demise.

The House is also not accessible to handicapped visitors and/or service animals. A video tour is available on their website. The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is small with tight winding staircases and may not be suitable for all visitors.

Poe Museum Richmond VA

This historic monument takes pride in possessing the largest collection of Poe’s items. Are you in need of a self-guided tour? No need to worry!  

The museum Prescribes all visitors to wear masks, whether vaccinated or not. Admission for visitors costs ranges between $3 and $9.

This phenomenal writer wrote stories full of real mystery and horror. This formed the foundation of the horror stories written today. Critics say his mystery will live forever.

If you love human interest stories and poetry, then Poe’s museum will intrigue you.