Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

What to view at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The best way to understand the culture of your target city destination is by gracing the local museum. Traveling to Richmond Virginia, think Richmond Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

With over 5000 years of Art, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) is a place you should visit!

This amazing VMFA museum boasts of a global collection of Art from 6000 years ago. You will view over 40,000 artworks from across the world. Constructed in 1936, It collects, maintains, showcases, and expounds art. It is the only Museum in the US open every day throughout the year.  You have a chance to see these epic collections any day of the week!

In April 2020, the now 85-year-old museum was renovated and reopened to the public. It is 13.1 miles away from the nearest airport.

VMFA houses European art of the 1900s, American art of the 1950s, and Contemporary art worldwide are what you should expect to find in VMFA.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The following is a general list of what to see in this epic museum:

Gautama Budha– A Kashmiri casting regarded as a masterpiece of Indian art.

Cycladic woman– Figure of a woman from ancient Greece.

Lhamo- A perfectly done Chinese ‘thanka’ of the early 15th century.

YamantakaTheatrical illustration of Yamantaka, the Buddhist god.

Bes=dwarf-like deity made in Egypt approximately 600BC.

Di Bartolo– An altarpiece portrait of the 14th Century, and one of the four in the world. 

Canterbury Window- A medieval English stained glass.

Eshu Staff Wood carving beautified with glass beads and other materials illustrating a god worshiped by the Yoruba of Nigeria. The collection in VMFA is numerous and endless!

This exceptional museum showcases temporary exhibits of Black life in Virginia to jewelry and Asian religions.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts opens at 10 am every day. Admission to the museum is free to adults and children. Special exhibits however warrant tickets. 

If you need personalized tours, VMFA got your back! You will be guided sufficiently. If you are not a fan of guided tours. you will be directed by the museum staff to identify collections.

VMFA observes all Covid-19 protocols. Reviewers advise you set aside some hours to go through the collection. There is so much to see in this awesome museum!

Do you need a guide for the tour? Simple. Just go to their website and download a one!