Why Concrete Cracks?

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          Concrete is the most common building material around the world. We, at Concrete Masters Richmond often get asked about the causes behind concrete cracks. Concrete does crack. In fact, it is designed to crack to be able to fully engage the reinforcing steel. The type of cracking provides useful information to help understand crack’s effects on structural stability.

  • Plastic Shrinkage Cracks;

Plastic shrinkage cracks occur when wind velocity, low relative humidity, high ambient temperature, or a combination of all three, cause water to evaporate from a concrete surface faster than it can be replaced by bleeding to the surface.

  • Expansion Cracks;

As the concrete expands, it pushes against any object in its paths, such as a brick wall or an adjacent slab of concrete. If neither has the ability to flex, the resulting force will cause something to crack.

  • Cracks Caused by Heaving;

Heaving happens when moisture or ice causes underlying soil to significantly expand and lift a foundation or slab upward. Soil may not seem like it can make a large impact, but the more moisture it holds, the stronger the force it can exert against your foundation.

  • Cracks Caused by Settling;

Settlement happens when parts of a house drop below the elevation or height where they were placed during the original construction. Structural cracking in houses can be minimized if you take precautions.

  • Cracks Caused by Overloading the Slab;

Although concrete is a very strong building material, it does have its limits. After a heavy rain or snowmelt when the ground below is soft and wet, excessive weight on the slab can press the concrete down and result in cracks

  • Cracks Caused by Premature Drying;

There are two common types of cracks brought on by premature drying. Crazing cracks are very fine, surface cracks that resemble spider webs or shattered glass. Crusting cracks typically happen during the concrete stamping process, which is a way of adding texture or pattern to concrete surfaces.

          Proper site preparation, a quality mix, and good concrete finishing practices can go a long way towards minimizing the appearance of cracks and producing a more aesthetically pleasing concrete project. So, if you are looking for the highest quality concrete in Richmond, VA, look no further! Concrete Masters Richmond is providing you with the most advanced products and technologies on the market, affordable pricing, and the friendliest customer service.