The Fan District Richmond

The Fan District

The Fan is a district of Richmond, Virginia. The name is a result of the fan shape of the array of streets that extend west from Belvidere Street. This is on the eastern edge of Monroe Park, westward to the Boulevard.

It is proclaimed to be the largest intact Victorian neighborhood in the U.S. Fan district has approximately 2,000 townhouses in the diverse architectural styles of that period. 

After spending some time admiring the different styles, stop at one of the numerous restaurants spread all over the Fan District.

The Fan District in Richmond is one of the most interesting areas because of its unique architecture, restaurants, local shops, and monuments. It runs westward from Belvedere Street, near Monroe Park, ending on the eastern side of the Boulevard.

Predominantly a residential area, the Fan is a fun place to explore. You can admire the many styles of architecture from the mid-late 19th century, including Italianate, Queen Anne, Richardsonian Romanesque, and Colonial Revival. Homeowners in The Fan have entertainment at their fingertips. Walkable parks, restaurants, and museums, as well as Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), are located in the Lower Fan.

The Fan District

The District also has numerous houses of worship and locally owned businesses and commercial establishments. The appearance of the Fan District is frequently compared to that of the Bourbon Street neighborhood in New Orleans. Although the two places are quite different architecturally upon close examination.

Located in Richmond’s West End, it is one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. If you love historic architecture, you will love the elegant homes for sale. Most date back to the late 19th and early 20th century and are available in a variety of building styles.

The purpose of the Fan District Association (FDA) is to beautify the Fan District. It is also to preserve and protect its architectural and historic character; promote the health, welfare and among others of the Fan District in particular, and Richmond in general.

While on your bike ride, you may want to make a stop at one of the many Parks and Pocket Parks within the Fan district. These provide green space for both humans and pets to enjoy.

Fan District has some exciting annual events like the Monument Avenue 10K. Runners from across Virginia and the east coast visit this section of Richmond to run and enjoy the area and various post-race events. Other annual events include Easter on Parade and Halloween on Hanover.